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The book „Mania by Ralph Man“ is the first book by the fashion- and nude photographer Ralph Man. On 144 pages, the self-taught photographer shows a choice of work from his past 13 years. His book is showing 119 pictures, twotone and coloured, in the size of 8,9 x 9,5 inch. Ralph has found an unusual but very interesting solution to show the two really different topics of his photography in one book, but with making it look like having two books. The book „Mania by Ralph Man“ doesn´t have a front- or a back page, it has only got two front pages. On the one side of the book called „Mania fashion photography by Ralph Man“, you will find fashion pictures of the last five years, which Ralph produced for several designers, magazines or different customers in different locations all over the world, or in his own photo studio. If you turn the book around you will find the second book, titeled „Mania nude photography by Ralph Man“, which shows black and white nude pictures from different photo series out of the last 13 years, printed in twotone. Some of the pictures are taken for example on a rocky coast in croatia, a beach in mallorca, or some are even taken in his studio. Many of the pictures out of his nude series are used to be published in calendars or magazines world wide. Additional in this side of the book, you find a 4,7 x 4,7 inch sized fanfold booklet, which showes 14, mostly unpublished, pictures of his nude series „Série Blanche“ on the inside of the first page.

Exclusive Edition:
Of the book „Mania by Ralph Man“, there is also an „Exclusive Edition“ in a special wooden box set exsisting. The wooden box set carries the branded titel as well as the branded writing „Exclusive Edition“. The box set is made of unhandled wood and is modelled on oversea packing cases. The symbiosis of the wooden box set and the photo book conforms also the history of the photographer himself, as he first worked as a carpenter and then changed his profession into photography. The „Ecxlusive Edition“ is somehow to be seen as a reminiscence to this time. The book comes with an original hand made copy print (the picture can vary) of a picture out of the book on PE-Paper (7,1 x 9,5 inch) with an impression of the signature of Ralph Man. The „Exclusive Edition“ is not limited.

Limited Edition:
There is a „limited editions“ of the book „Mania by Ralph Man“ which contains 50 copies. 25 copies of the book are given an original hand made copy print of the cover picture „nude“, the other 25 copies are given an original hand made copy print of the cover picture „fashion“ as well as a certificate. The book is also presented in a hand made wooden box set which carries the branded title as well as the writing „Limited Edition“ and a seal with the signature of Ralph Man, just like on the certificate. All the hand made copy prints are self made by the photograper ralph man and are copied on silver-gelatin paper (8,9 x 9,3 inch) in museum quality. The paper and the developer fluid the copy prints are made on are not available anymore. For this edition the photographer used his inventory. These are the last copy prints of this type, and make. The books and pictures are signed by the photographer himself, serially numbered and also carry the impression of the signature of Ralph Man.